Tuesday, 13 February 2007

HMS Intrepid - Goodbye old Friend

HMS Intrepid is to be scrapped.

You don't know how sad this makes me. Intrepid was my first ship back 1987 and I served onboard her again in 1996. It's a damn shame and she will be sorely missed.
Hat Tip: Theo Spark and Rogue Gunner


Anonymous said...

I served on Intrepid from '85 to '88 and it was an incredible time. Probably the best ships coy i've ever had the privelage of sailing with. It makes me truly sad to see her go!

Anonymous said...

I served on Intrepid on her first and second commission in the Far East Fleet in the late 60's and the early 70,s, what a fantastic time we all had, I remember Excercise Coral Sea, the largest collection of Allied warships ever gathered since World War 2. Please if any old shipmates remember me (zak owen) RO2(g) please get in touch, malcolm.owen@countysaab.com

Regards and best wishes to you all
Zak Owen

Anonymous said...

Intrepid was the first naval ship I worked on in John Brown Shipyard.
She was an interesting ship and we made a number of alterations to here since we were constrcting her six months behind her sister ship HMS Fearless...Fond memories

Anonymous said...

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