Friday, 9 February 2007

Lord Falconer - human rights are "clouded by nonsense".

Lord Falconer is to ask for a more "common sense" approach as to how human rights laws
are interpreted by public bodies. In a speech to be given later at Manchester University Lord Falconer will say the Human Rights Act needs to be explained to public rights workers, due to the Act being "clouded by nonsense".

Conservative leader David Cameron has said the Tories would scrap the Act altogether, replacing it with a British Bill of Rights to protect UK citizens.
Liberal Democrat MP, David Heath, said: "It is unfortunate that it has taken so long for government ministers to defend their flagship legislation.
Tony Blair condemned a High Court ruling returning nine asylum seekers who hijacked a plane at Stansted, to Afghanistan as an abuse of common sense.

The Commons joint select committee on human rights have warned Ministers to stop using the act as a "convenient scapegoat" for government failings. This follows several instances where the rights of criminals have been seen to be put above public safety.

Lord Falconer told the BBC: "Common sense would tell you you are not entitled to food if you are running away from the police. You are not entitled to not have your photograph shown if you are a convicted murderer on the run. What we are trying to do is to bust these myths".

Q. Should we scrap the Human Rights Act?

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