Thursday, 1 March 2007

Daily Referendum results - Our Children in Need (more so in England)

Unbelievably, Hospices in England only receive an average of less than 5 per cent of their funding from the government.

The situation in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales is different. In Scotland for example, the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland last year received 18.5% of its income from statutory sources and is working towards its target of 25%.
This support is still well below what is required, but why aren't English Hospices receiving the same kind of funding?

Q. Should this most valuable service be fully funded by the Government?

YES 76%

NO 24%


For more information on Children's Hospices please click HERE.

Peter Brighouse has submitted the following E-Petition to No10:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to organise government support and finance for the children's hospices.

To sign up to this E-Petition please click HERE.

The results of each Daily Referendum are archived by the British Library.

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