Saturday, 21 April 2007


An ICM Poll has found that support continues to grow for an English Parliament.

The poll, commissioned by the Campaign for an English Parliament, comes as many people will be celebrating St. George’s Day weekend. CEP Vice Chairman, Tom Waterhouse, said, “this poll clearly shows that the people of England want an English Parliament. At a time when many people feel their English identity is being attacked, people are looking for something that will defend them. That is why they support an English Parliament- it will be our St. George”.

The result, with 67% of people saying they think England should have its own Parliament, follows previous polls showing high levels of support for the proposal. In January, a BBC poll to mark the 300th anniversary of the Union found support at 61%. In November 2006, 68% of people said wanted an English Parliament in an ICM poll for the Sunday Telegraph.

CEP Chairman, Scilla Cullen, said, “The CEP has been campaigning for nearly a decade for justice for England. Scotland and Wales have devolved institutions- so should England. This result is a great way to start St. George’s Day weekend”.

The CEP is a single-issue pressure group campaigning for a devolved English Parliament.

Full details of the results of the opinion poll here (pdf).

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