Sunday, 29 April 2007

The Iranian Fashion Police are out in Force - Hair Gel is Criminalised.

Barbers in Tehran are to stop giving Iranian men Western hairstyles. The restrictions follow a drive by conservatives to eradicate all forms of dress which they consider unIslamic.

The head of the Tehran barbers' association, Mohammad Eftekhari-Fard, said: “Currently some salons use Western grooming methods to create styles that are in line with the European and American ones. The union has repeatedly announced the restrictions against unconventional grooming when issuing permits to each of the barber shops. Hence barbers, knowing these rules, should not pursue the wrong methods. The union will withdraw its support from those barbers who cut hairstyles that are out of line with the norms of the system.”

The directive has banned: Styling gel, shoulder-length hair, spiky hair, facial cosmetics and the plucking of eyebrows. You can also find yourself apprehended for the wearing of Ties, bow-ties, short or tight T-shirts and sporting excessively groomed hair.

This week thousands of women in Iran have also received warnings for breaking Islamic dress codes.

And we think we live in a Nanny State?

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"It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed." - Lenin.


jack rensimer said...

good Lord...

Well, I'm all for not plucking the eyebrows.

Daily Referendum said...

I agree with you Jack, though I do have to mow the old ears and nostrils.