Thursday, 12 April 2007

Referendum voting results

Here are the last six referendum vote results from my blog:

Q. Should the Probation service be privatised?

YES 13% NO 82% DO NOT KNOW 5%

Q. Should we have an English Parliament?

YES 81% NO 18% DO NOT KNOW 1%

Q. Should we have a European ID Card?

YES 7% NO 87% DO NOT KNOW 6%

Q. Should road tax on less fuel efficient cars be increased to £400 on Wednesday as some reports suggest?

YES 46% NO 54% DO NOT KNOW 0%

Q. Should we replace Trident when it goes out of service in 2024?

YES 42% NO 31% DO NOT KNOW 27%

Q. Should the use of on-the-spot fines be extended to more serious crimes such as assault?

YES 16% NO 81% DO NOT KNOW 3%

To view all the referendum vote results going back to September 2006 click HERE.

(The results are archived by the British Library)

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