Friday, 20 April 2007

We won't be allowed a Referendum on EU Changes

The referendum on a new EU Constitution promised by Tony Blair did not happen because it would have been rejected. Now the British government and the Netherlands are pushing for a treaty. Mr Blair said: “There was no tradition of holding votes on treaties. If it's not a constitutional treaty, so that it alters the basic relationship between Europe and the member states, then there isn't the same case for a referendum."

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague said: "What he (Mr Blair) is saying now sounds suspiciously like an attempt to introduce elements of it (EU Constitution) by the back door, despite its decisive rejection by the voters of France and Holland. This would go against the government's previous assurances and be totally unacceptable to the people of Britain."

I wonder how many Treaties that don’t require a Referendum it will take to achieve the same result as an EU constitution?

It seems a good way of keeping us pesky voters out of it.


jack said...

Its none of our business. We must put our trust in our wise leaders and wear our chains with humility.

Daily Referendum said...


You are not wrong, sneaky sods!