Sunday, 20 May 2007

Hazel Blears - Another Freedom of Information (exemption) Bill Traitor

Hazel Blears Freedom of Information

I've been a bit of a fan of Hazel Blears ever since she stood up for her local Maternity Hospital. I did say "been" didn't I? Hazel's performance this morning on Andrew Marr's Sunday AM show was very poor to say the least. Every question that Andrew put to the little chipmunk was dodged, requiring him to repeat questions in the Paxman style. Most importantly, Hazel tried to dodge the question when asked how she would have voted, had she turned up for the Freedom of Information (Exemption) Bill. Andrew concluded from the garbled reply he received on his third attempt to get a clear answer from Ms Blears, that she was in favour of the Bill.

I think Hazel may have just lost quite a bit of public support. Another greedy self serving MP.

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