Monday, 7 May 2007

My Top 25 Referrer Blogs April 2007

Thank you to those listed below for linking to my Blog.

Visitors please visit these excellent blogs, you will find them as varied as they are interesting.

1) The Witanagemot Club

2) Chipen Dale's Diary

3) An Englishman's Castle

4) The Spine

5) NEI Nuclear Notes

6) The England Project

7) Strife in the North

8) Islington Newmania

9) St Crispins Day

10) lewisham isnt great for everyone

11) Iain Dale

12) Nourishing Obscurity

13) Corporate Presenter

14) A Big Fat Slob

15) Northwing

16) Kris's Stoke Newington

17) Raedwald

18) Waking Hereward

19) Last Boy Scout

20) The English Democrats

21) The Devil's Kitchen

22) Bel Today

23) Theo Spark

24) Little Man in a Toque

25) Guido Fawkes' Blog


james higham said...

Well, thank you kindly, sir.

Now, about that previous post - climate change my arse. Let me sure about this - you want the climate to change your arse? Interesting.

kris said...


Thanks for including me in such esteemed company!

Daily Referendum said...

James, Kris,

Thank you for the visitors you send my way.

As for my arse, any change would be for the better.

rilly super said...

crikey, never been in a 'top referrers' list before. Thanks ever so Mr Referendum. I'm off to find out what this actually means now...

Daily Referendum said...


You are welcome, thanks for taking time off your book to drop in. Chin up!