Thursday, 10 May 2007

One of Iain Dale's top referrers

I've just found out that I'm twelfth on the list of Iain Dale's top referrers. I'm glad that I'm sending visitors to his blog, it's a blog I enjoy reading myself. That said it would be good if I got as many visitors from Iain as I'm sending to him. In fact if I got a tenth of his daily visitors I would be like a pig in poo.


Chip Dale said...

Congratulations on your twelfth place but you were my highest referrer last month, which has to be an even higher honour. What size thong do you take?

Daily Referendum said...


What honour could be greater?

I've never been measured for a thong, the damn thing scares me sometimes.

Chip Dale said...

I'll just take it that I should send you the extra large 'beginner's' thong. Once you get the knack of never reaching for your car keys at the same times as you're singing light opera, you'll have no problems.