Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Blogpower Awards 2007 - Voting Has Started

Voting has started on the 2007 Blogpower Awards. I've been nominated for the Best Political Blog (yes I'm chuffed). If you like my blog, or if you want to vote for one of the other nine blogs in this category, you can do so by clicking HERE.

You can vote for a blog once per day. Voting closes next Wednesday

If you want to view the other categories, click on the logo above.

UPDATE: I'm getting my backside kicked. So much for dreams of becoming Big Chip's trusted Lieutenant in his bid for world domination. Now I will be lucky if he allows a loser like me to join his thong based utopia. As Rilly would say: sob......


Big Chip Dale said...

That's fine with me. I'll vote you once a day every day until Wednesday.

Now, any chance of a vote for a certain semi-articulate wordsmith? :)

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Chip old chap.

The Chipster will always get my vote.

Big Chip Dale said...

We need organisation to keep us in votes until the Romanian peasant vote kicks in over the weekend. I'm afraid the carrier pigeon won't hit East European airspace until late Friday. He suffered shrapnel damage over Northern France.

I know some people might call it vote rigging, but I'm beginning to suspect that's what's happening with these other websites.

Daily Referendum said...

They are all against us Chip. I'm being watched, be careful. It will get dirty soon, check your thongs for booby traps.

Karen said...

Just voted for you. Good Luck.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Karen,

I won't win, but I'm over the moon at getting nominated. It's next years awards I'm aiming for. I've only been at this a short while and I've a lot to learn about politics and blogging. Thanks again for your vote