Saturday, 16 June 2007

The Sun Poll - Say NO to the EU Treaty (Re-named Constitution)

Tony Blair promised the country a referendum on the EU Constitution in 2004. We didn't get one because French and Dutch voters had already rejected it and Tony knew we would do the same. Now before he leaves office he fully intends to sign up to a EU treaty, which is simply the constitution in another name. This government has shown a blatant disregard for the people's wishes in the past, but this is an outright betrayal.

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague said: "What he (Mr Blair) is saying now sounds suspiciously like an attempt to introduce elements of it (EU Constitution) by the back door, despite its decisive rejection by the voters of France and Holland. This would go against the government's previous assurances and be totally unacceptable to the people of Britain."

In a leaked letter penned by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, she outlines the methods to be used to deceive the people. Merkel wants to push through a Treaty which will in essence be a Constitution. To achieve this Merkel tells her fellow EU heads of government that they will have to: "use different terminology without changing the legal substance". There can be no doubt that the proposed Treaty is the same Constitution we were not given a Referendum on. Merkel makes this crystal clear when she wishes to preserve intact the content of the constitution, making only "the necessary presentational changes."

Please go over to The Sun Website and take part in their Poll, this could be the only chance, we the people, get to voice our objection to this undemocratic betrayal. 56,000 citizens have already voted, with over 99% showing an objection to the so called Treaty.

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I agree. But take the chance and Vote Yes to Free Europe Constitution at