Saturday, 16 June 2007

Ten steps to win the next General Election

1) Promise a referendum on the EU Treaty (for Treaty read Constitution).

2) Promise an English Parliament. Or at the very least (as a start), English votes on English matters.

3) Promise to remove the UK from the Human Rights Act and draw up a constitution.

4) Promise to offer incentives on Green issues, not just use those issues as an excuse to tax us more.

5) Promise to give the running of Schools, Hospitals and Police Stations back to the Teachers, Doctors and Police Officers. Bureaucracy is strangling this country.

6) Promise to Scrap the Barnett Formula.

7) Promise to stop the Nanny State. Let us make our own decisions about smoking, drinking and eating.

8) Promise to scrap the ID Card. This will be a European ID Card, meaning that all member states will have access to the information held on that card. This fact is not widely known, and that is because it is being kept quiet.

9) Recognise England as a country in its own right, i.e English Anthem and a Bank Holiday on St George's Day.

10) Last but in no way the least, promise to build more prisons. At least 20,000 places (yesterday, if not sooner).

There are more, but I think promising any five of these will win the next Election.

Do you disagree with my suggestions? Can you think of any more?

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Anonymous said...

The three political logos at the top of your posting represent one party. This triumvirate, or trinity is one, "The Elite Ruling Class". All have consulted widely, and listened sincerely to the electorate and have heard only what they want to hear. Careful selection of polling results confirm their considered opinion that they know what is right for the nation.
So none of your suggestions are acceptable. In any case all of your suggestions are dealt with by Brussels.

Anonymous said...

If what anonymous says is correct, then I fear we will either end up with total apathy from the populace ...or bloodshed. Whatever happens, political cynicism is certainly one of our greatest enemy at this moment in time.

Anonymous said...

Harry Hook. No Sir! Political cynicism and apathy are our only allies. The ruling elite are encouraged by participation, and their only fear public refusal to legitimise them. Only root and branch reform of our constitution, the Lords, Commons, and judiciary, can bring back a measure of democracy.

Spicy Cauldron said...

You know, it's both weird and wonderful that I agree with your points raised here given that I consider myself to be very left-wing and you, of course, are supposed, according to received social wisdom, to be on the other side of the see-saw. Of course, I don't know about you but I've long held that those who cling to dogma are blinkered - in other words, people on the right or left would out of hand dismiss anything thought to come from the 'other camp'. Good ideas are good ideas and if only we could break down some of the inter-party crap, we'd do so much better.

I noted the humans right act point and would have been aghast had you not stressed alongside the need for our own UK constitution, which of course would be far better equipped to enshrine our fundamental rights to freedom of expression, freedom from persecution, and so on and so forth without the intervention of other nations in the EU.

Thanks for another thought-provoking entry. I disagree with the despondency of some earlier commentators; the fact that we two bloggers can see merit at times if not always in what the other has to say shows that the country's politics might be as divided as ever in the Houses of Parliament and local government, but on the ground people are willing to look at ideas rather than fixate on party allegiances. x

Daily Referendum said...

Far too often we have to choose between parties that have opposing ideals. We have to select the closest match to our ideals, but we have always to compromise and accept some policies which we disagree with.

I've always thought that any political party's policy should be the policy of the people. All parties should campaign on issues that the majority of public want to see implemented. The winner of an election would be the party that showed the greatest capability to carry out our wishes.

I think we could see this happen in the next election, both major parties are starting to set their policies by public opinion rather than hard and fast party tradition.

Michael Howard said...

Might I suggest you leave your 2005 manifesto at home, David, and start writing the 2007 one? Gordon has already hinted he might go to the country sooner rather than later? We only got halfway last year because David Cameron tied Michael Howard's hands from proposing some better and more positive ideas, we might actually win this time if he lets Howard write the next one alone.