Monday, 9 July 2007

7p on a pint? IDS, you are having a laugh.

David Cameron

I'm all for David Cameron wanting to "Mend Society", God knows it needs it. I cannot however agree with Iain Duncan Smith's brainwave of adding 7p to a pint of beer. If he thinks that will reduce the number of people binge drinking then he is not in touch with reality. I could still go out and have a skin full i.e. 10 pints and it will only cost me an extra 70p - wow. If the price of beer goes up 7p then I will only be able to buy 30 pints for the same money that I could have previously bought 31 pints, not exactly a deterrent is it? Iain's suggestion is not worth the paper it is written on, and if that is the best he can do, then he is wasting conservative party time and money. Binge drinking is a British phenomenon and a choice made by adults, instead of trying to force everyone to stop, we should be cracking down on the few idiots that spoil it all by behaving antisocially.

As for reclassifying Cannabis back from class C to class B, it's all a bit late and will only lead to further confusion - even the police don't understand the actions to be taken in most cases. What I would suggest is make the Cannabis legal (I'm anti-drugs but can't think of a better solution) and hammer anyone caught supplying the stuff to under 18's, or under 16's depending on how Liberal you want to be. If Cannabis is legalised it will be regulated and therefore safer for adults to use. I know from experience that kids and drugs do not mix.

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Crushed by Ingsoc said...

I'm in agreement with that.

I think once people have reached their fourth of fifth pint, they aren't really fussed about it's pricve any more.
Anyway, it's the white ciders from the off licenses that are the real problem.

I'd legalise cannabis, much for the reasons you suggest.

Daily Referendum said...

Crushed, You are right about the forth or fifth pint. When I get to that stage I could not give a monkey's how much I spend.

7p my arse!