Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Boris Johnson for Mayor of London

Boris Johnson
Word has it that Boris could be talked into running for the position of Mayor of London. Now that would definitely make things interesting. I bet Ken is not happy.

UPDATE: Old Ken better start updating his CV if rumours of Boris Johnson running for Mayor of London turn out to be accurate. Hero of the people, Boris has a lovable (if a bit daft) rogue thing going on while also being seen by many as an honest man. I'm hoping he applies before Monday's deadline, Boris as Mayor of London would make for interesting times ahead.

Magic our Boris!

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Ed Griffiths said...

I think Boris Johnson would be the perfect candidate for Mayor and aspirant to crudely mismanage London in much the same way he crudely and bumptiously mismanages everything he is given - editorship of the SPECTATOR, assorted shadow cabinet posts and so on. His inability to control his own larynx has made him the most entertaining professional buffoon in British politics since Jeffrey Archer, and after a little preliminary sparring Ken Livingstone will undoubtedly demolish him in same quick, mercilessly well-timed manner. BJ's unconquerable self-confidence in the face of repeated blunders out of his arrogance and blindness to the truth of himself as public farce (or embracing of it) are a surreal reminder how truly debased our political and popular culture have become. BJ epitomizes our real archetypal politician but is entertaining at the same time. We need more real fools in power - go, Boris, go!