Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Prime Minister's Questions, EU Treaty Referendum.

David Cameron Today at 12:00 Gordon Brown will face Prime Minister's Questions for the first time. You can view them live by clicking on the picture of David Cameron above. I'm not particularly interested in how Brown performs, David Cameron will be the one under my spotlight. Brown has talked of a road map to a British Constitution and that's all I think it is, talk. When Brown put forward his proposals my immediate thought was of spin - spin to confuse the issue of the EU Treaty (Constitution) by bringing another constitution into the public domain. Brown said he wanted parliament to decide whether or not the country would enter into any future wars. The fact is parliament did decide to enter the last war, so just like most of his budgets he is only offering something that we already had, but in new packaging. As for the rest of his proposals he said they must take the form of a consultation with the public. This will take years, cost a fortune (more bloody useless committees) and will probably never happen.

What I would really like to see from Cameron today is for him not to just make noise and accusations about the governments position on the EU Treaty. I want to see him stand up and demand that the government honour their promise to the British people by giving them their democratic right to vote in a referendum. If, as some members of the government have said: "referendums are not the way we do things in Britain", then why did they promise us one in the last election? I'll tell you why, if they had not promised a referendum, there is a damn good chance that they would not have got back into power.

I would like to see Cameron make Brown very uncomfortable today. I want to know why the NHS budget in England has been cut by £2b, when the rest of the UK's remains untouched. I want to know why there are no service hospitals in which our injured men and women could be treated in the fashion that they deserve. I want to know why we are wasting millions on rubbish like smoking ban advertisements while our soldiers are firing bargain basement bullets. There are a lot of other questions I would have Cameron ask, but it doesn't really matter what he asks, what matters to me is that he demands action and takes no waffle in response. Like in business, any of Cameron's questions that do not get actioned this week, I want to see repeated each week until something is done.

David Cameron, now is the time to stand up.

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