Tuesday, 28 August 2007

David Cameron - Speaks for the people (the decent ones anyway).

Mr Cameron said:

"Today I am calling on the country to fight back. We must fight back against the gangs, the guns and the graffiti. We must fight back against the drugs, the danger and the disorder. Above all, we must fight back against the attitude that treats rising crime as inevitable, that treats social breakdown as an irreversible fact of modern life, that despairs of ever making our streets safe and civilised places to be."

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Anonymous said...

|Here he is again. Going on and on Blathering away like stink. These words could equally have come from the mealy mouths of Brown/Blair/Campbell or Cameron. Piffle and poppycock predigested for the unquestioning masses.
To restore law and order, all that is necessary is to make all police chiefs elected by the local people. Nothing else. Nothing more. Simple really, but not what you will hear from those mealy mouths.

Daily Referendum said...


This is not just Cameron talking, it is the party and all of its members. Dave will be held to account if he does not make good on his words. The Conservatives believe in a better society and again I just don't mean the MPs I mean all the members. Look at labour blogs and then look at the conservative ones, there is a massive difference in the way we think an healthy and safe society can be achieved. Also I totally agree with you about making all police chiefs elected by the local people. I think you will find a lot of conservatives agree with you on this point.