Friday, 24 August 2007

Gordon Brown - Pull Your Finger Out!

Gordon Brown has promised intensive action and tougher enforcement of the law in areas with a gang violence problem. He also promised to crack down on the sale of alcohol to under-18's and that he would put more police on the streets. Well it's about time, but are these just more of Labour's empty gestures? reacting to the newly announced Conservative policy. If Brown had mentioned supporting the family unit, you could have believed that he was reading from David Cameron's notes. Labour have let the country get to this pathetic state. Violent kids own the streets, it's adults who are now afraid to go out alone. You don't worry that something bad may happen to your teenager while they are out, you worry whether they are getting drunk, doing drugs or jumping up and down on some poor blokes head when he tries to protect his property.

Kids have got rights, criminals have got rights, but the ordinary hard working man or woman have none. If some teenager is damaging your property and you lay one finger on them, all your rights disappear. If you happen to be a teenager and decide to damage someone's property and they have the audacity to complain, you can kick them in the head until they go into a coma and expect to do no more than twelve months in playstation prison - A lot less with "good" behaviour.

This liberal idiocy has gone far enough. For example, corporal punishment was ended to protect a few kids from over zealous teachers. The problem is that this means a very effective tool has been taken away from headmasters. What the campaigners failed to see was that the law was already dealing with these over zealous teachers and safety measures were in place to stop any abuse of power. Now we have a total lack of discipline in schools for the sake of protecting a few kids from overly sore backsides. What do headmasters do to discipline kids now? They exclude them, sounds bad doesn't it? What this actually means is that the kids are sent home for a few days to roam the streets and cause more disturbance when they should be getting an education. What kind of punishment is that? "You've been a bad boy so I'm giving you a few days off school." I'm sure the kids are gutted.

To prove my point, Sir Menzies Campbell said there was a feeling of "alienation" among some young people. I cannot stand this type of pathetic drivel. They are not alienated, they are just bad kids that have no respect for the law because it has been made almost impossible to punish them. Stop making excuses for them!

I could write for hours about this subject and I'm sure you have got your own opinions about the mess we have got ourselves into. What I will say is this: we need to win back our streets from the gangs or feral kids. There is nothing wrong with a bit of fear. Bad kids should fear their parents, they should fear their teachers, and most of all they should fear the law. Kids today fear nothing because they know they are virtually untouchable.

Let's change that.


Anonymous said...

Antonio Gramsci, arch socialist and friend of Mussolini, taught communists and liberals that the way to power was to undermine the culture and educational standards of a people, and take from them their coherence as a people. Reduce the people to a leaderless rabble without the underlying social and moral framework of their forebearers. This has been achieved by the political ruling class here in our own country.

Daily Referendum said...


What you have described sounds too near the truth to be ignored. This country was at its greatest when its citizens were proud of their country. Now the citizens either despair or leave.

Anonymous said...

I have never written on a blogg before, but after finding your story about “Gordon Brown – Pull your finger out” I had to write.

I am a fairly young woman still, I think at 38? Both my husband and I are fed up with this Country, we have no rights and there are so many ludicrous taxes, ridiculous laws, that we feel the time has come to leave. We think about our grandfathers who fought in world War 1 and 2, they would be turning in their graves now if they could see what this country has turned into. What did they fight for? We have no idea anymore. You work hard to make a better life for yourself with no hand outs from anyone, keep your self to your self, commit no crimes and still the criminals out there have more rights than we do. We can not even protect our own homes, the things that we worked hard for and are proud of. Our leader is not even English and he is trying to push policies onto us. We currently have our house on the market and are going to give up our two companies we worked hard to build so we can leave this country for good. I also hear that a lot of true English people are doing the same and they are not all in their 60’s. As far as I am concerned Gordon can have this country as in a few years it will be the called the New Eastern Block.

Regards Nicky

Daily Referendum said...


Thanks for such a well thought out comment. I'm sorry you feel that you have to leave your home. I could be joining you if Gordon Brown wins the next election.