Friday, 24 August 2007

David Cameron and the Social Covenant.

David Cameron Today in response to the growing trend of lawlessness on our streets, particularly from gangs of youths, David Cameron has called for a Social Covenant.

David said: "Just as the Military Covenant sets out what we - society - must do for our military, so today we should consider our obligations in tackling crime and building a stronger society. We need a social covenant. I'm not talking about a new set of words to express our national values. I'm talking about something more powerful than words. A national recognition that it is not just up to the government to take responsibility for the state of our nation, it is up to all of us. To me this is what social responsibility is all about."

Wow. Is their anyone in this country that does not agree with the above statement? Followed through, Mr Cameron's words could see a much needed turning point in our crumbling society.

I could not agree more with Mr Cameron. What I find strange about all the stories you here about men being beaten to death outside their homes buy gangs of youths, is the total absence of any form of help from neighbouring men. I believe that in some areas we are now at the stage where all men in a street should keep something suitable by the front door and at the first signs of trouble all them should go out onto the street to face the threat. We need to let gangs of youths know that any anti-social behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated on our streets.

What I would also like to see is vans full of police dressed in riot gear patrolling known hot spots, enforcing curfews and breaking up gangs of youths. Kids today do not fear or respect a lone community copper riding around on a mountain bike. Youths believe they can behave like animals because they have the safety of the pack and a one-sided protection by the law. The only way to face force is with force.

David also called for the media, music companies and computer game manufacturers to show "true social responsibility". In some ways Mary Whitehouse was way off the mark, but on the subject of the media she was amazingly prophetic. Our children learn from us and if we are to feed them with foul language and violence through music, TV and video games , we can can only expect them to grow up foul mouthed and violent. Parents should be responsible for their children. But - and it is a big one - it is increasingly difficult for parents to control their kids when the law is failing them and society is crumbling.

Iain Dale has some good points to make on this subject.


old and angry said...

Forget the covenants, just give me the authority to dish out summary justice to the yobs.

Remember, winter, and the long dark nights are almost on us, a good time for taking revenge anonymously........

Daily Referendum said...

When my Dad was a lad he used to get paid for all the rats tails he could take to the local Town Hall.

Maybe the same kind of initiative could be started for baseball caps, or twat-hats as they are commonly called.