Saturday, 25 August 2007

Not A Good Day For The Catholic Church.

Catholic Church The 41-year-old parish priest of Monterosso, Italy has admitted that he is the father of a nine-month-old boy. Father Sante Sguottithe said: “I don't want to do like Adam and Eve did when they hid from the call of God after the original sin. The fruit of one's fertility should be a cause for joy. Maybe those who say priests are all false are right, I feel false, because it is not easy to walk alone along the path to truth. Sometimes you need to find someone to walk with.”

I think you find that walking is allowed Father, getting one of your flock in the family way, is not.

Father Sante Sguottithe has been asked by Padua Archbishop Antonio Mattiazzo to leave the parish, home to some 800 people.

The Vatican no doubt heard about his plans to start a ladies rambling club.

Meanwhile in Sydney, Catholic Bishop Geoffrey Robinson has written a controversial new book on the abuse of power and sex in the church. Bishop Robinson said the book was not an attack on the church, but the beginning of a debate that would eventually lead to a better church.

Yes, and I guess, a church without him in it when the boss finds out.

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