Saturday, 25 August 2007

Koala News - They are at it like Rabbits on Viagra.

Sexy Koala
Scientists from the University of Queensland studied 130 koalas in captivity. They found that female koalas indulge in lesbian "sex sessions", rejecting male suitors and attempting to mate with each other, sometimes up to five at a time, according to researchers. The furry, eucalyptus-eating creatures appear to develop this tendency for same-sex liaisons when they are in captivity. In the wild, they remain heterosexual.

Meanwhile in Austria, A SEX-MAD koala recruited from Scotland to teach his counterpart in an Austrian zoo about the birds and the bees is finding himself very much in demand.When romantic music, erotic movies and aphrodisiac food failed to entice their male koala, Bilyarra, to mate with female Mirali, staff at Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo sought the help of Edinburgh Zoo's resident stud, Chumbee.

"Chumbee hasn't stopped since he got here," said Schoenbrunn Zoo manager Helmut Pechlaner. "It has been almost non-stop sex in the koala enclosure ever since, and now even our own male is joining in." Zoo vet Hanna Vielgrader said Chumbee could not restrain himself. "The only break is to eat or sleep, other than that there's no stopping them," she said. Several other zoos have been in touch in the hope Chumbee might be able to invigorate their koala colonies.


William Gruff said...

Vielgrader? A Vet called (with only a little mispronunciation) veal grader?

That's made my Sunday.

Daily Referendum said...

Nice one Mr Gruff, I didn't spot that one.

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