Thursday, 6 September 2007

Support the Pro Referendum Rally - London UPDATE

The following UPDATE is from the Pro Referendum Website:

The sole aim of the Pro Referendum Rally organisers is to create a public event through which all British people may focus their efforts to regain their right to a vote on the latest European Treaty.

We call on all who believe that this Treaty cannot pass into British law without a direct test by the free vote of all British subjects, to express that belief by physically attending this Rally.

The Rally Steering Group comprises representatives of organisations that share the belief that the proposed Treaty requires a direct vote by the British people.

The Rally platform will be shared across the political spectrum including non-political speakers representing the professions, trades, the public and private sectors. The common point of unity on the platform will be the earnest call on the Government for a referendum on the latest European Treaty.

The Rally will be peaceful and conducted in full accordance with the law and cooperation with the London Metropolitan Police

The rally will begin at 12 noon with mustering in the vicinity of Parliament Square, followed by the symbolic casting of ballots outside Parliament. There will then be a speaking event held at the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre with top-flight speakers from politics, the media and other walks of national life.

For more details click here.

To register your support, or to express an interest in obtaining tickets to the speaking event click here

You can also sign the E-Petition asking for a Referendum on the EU Treaty by clicking HERE.


Lord Trafalgar Rock Pigeon said...

All good stuff and best of luck. I'm not in the UK and therefore can't attend and the petition doesn't let me petition.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

And when we get the Referendum, what will be the question?