Wednesday, 5 September 2007

New look Blog - UPDATE

Hi Readers,

This is hopefully the final version of my blog's layout for a while. I've tried to incorporate some of your suggestions, or at least find a balance of opinion. Hopefully the blog is looking better and loading faster. Thanks to all who had an input. Any further suggestions are welcome.




ThunderDragon said...


Daily Referendum said...

Cheers TD, you were right about the lines.

Monkey with a blue rosette said...

Nice! I wish I had such web design skills, but I don't spend my time reading "Teach Yourself HTML"; I'm downloading pictures of baboons' bottoms instead.

Daily Referendum said...

Nothing wrong with that Wilberforce.

Grendel said...

Looks good.

Daily Referendum said...

Cheers Grendel,

I'll get around to changing your picture in my blogroll shortly.