Tuesday, 18 September 2007

American injustice - this is disgusting! (Student Taser)

AN AMERICAN university student was held down and shot with a Taser stun gun by police in the middle of a question-and-answer session with former presidential candidate Democrat John Kerry.

The land of the free?


The Morningstar said...

That is absolutely terrible, so much for the land of the free and home of the brave. You aren't free to speak and the police are only brave if there is a 4-1 advantage and they have a taser. I'll post this to my blog as well.

UK Daily Pundit said...

Not an isolated incident by the looks of it.

Wheelchair-Bound Woman Dies After Being Shocked With Taser 10 Times

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Morningstar.

UKDP thanks for pointing me to this link. I cannot believe this was a case of reasonable force. Let's hope the family are successful in their claim.