Thursday, 27 September 2007

Boris Johnson - Conservative candidate for Mayor of London.

Boris Johnson (hero of the people and all round bon oeuf) was confirmed this morning as the official conservative candidate for Mayor of London. Boris received 15,661 votes, that's a massive 75% of the 20,019 votes cast. His nearest rival was Victoria Borwick with 1,869 votes.

Rather bitterly,Tony McNulty, the Home Office minister, said "for all his strengths as an individual, Boris is essentially a very clever man, but ultimately a clown, and he won't put up with the sort of scrutiny that mayoral candidates do". And he said that decision to elect Boris as a mayoral candidate was "frankly an insult to London".

Well Tony, if it is such an insult why did he get 75% of a vote open to all Londoners? I think you could well be talking out of your backside. Red Ken will not be at all pleased with this overwhelming endorsement of Boris Johnson. It makes you wonder how much of the vote Boris would have got without the smear campaigns aimed at him. Kenneth better get his CV updated.

Magic our Boris!

You can find more about Boris's mayoral campaign by clicking HERE.

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