Saturday, 15 September 2007

Conservative Party Leadership Election.

It's time to put any questions of David Cameron's aptitude to lead the Conservative Party to bed. The most significant reason to do this is to avoid wrecking our chances of winning the next election. In-fighting is precisely what Gordon Brown wishes to see from the Conservatives. I'm positive that any hint of an leadership election would see Brown declaring a general election while the Conservative membership is polarised.

One of the main criticisms aimed a David Cameron is that he does not appeal to the common man. Well let's dissolve this myth once and for all: I'm the common man, I'm a life long Labour supporter from Barnsley S.Yorks. I'm working class and was raised by a single parent. I'm in my thirties, I'm married with three kids and I'm an home owner. I earn around about the average wage - a little more with overtime. But I don't see a toff when David Cameron speaks at the dispatch box, I see a man with a professional air and a vehement desire to see this country back on the right track.

The polls have already shown us before Brown's bounce, that Cameron is capable of gaining the required public support to win an election. Once more the polls are turning in that direction and we must continue, united in our cause to get Labour out of power. That should be our main aim. Forget any problems you may have with parts of the policy, we all can't agree on every little detail. What we can agree on is that this country would be better served by a conservative government. Let's be sure on this one point: we agree more with David Cameron's policy than we agree with Gordon Brown's.

We can debate the finer points of our policy once we have been elected, now is not the time.


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Grendel said...

Totally agree. Gordum may well win the next general election but the only people who can ensure that it is a landslide are the Conservatives who are deliberately undermining DC.
I find Con Home profoundly depressing sometimes – can’t these guys work out who the real enemy is?

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I don't think they can.