Wednesday, 26 September 2007

David Miliband, you say it best when you say nothing at all.

In his speech yesterday, David Miliband referred to Tony Blairs foreign policy saying: "The lesson is that it's not good enough to have good intentions." The gist of little David's speech was to "move on" from Blair's poor foreign policy (the one he and most other labour MPs supported) and implement a "second wave" .

Now I would like to tell you what this second wave entails, but seeing as David did not tell the conference, I can't tell you. He reiterated the importance of our relationship with the US, while offering nothing new in the way of policy towards Iraq or Afghanistan.

Gordon Brown muddied the waters further by declaring that any future decisions to go to war would have to go before parliament. This is the worst form of spin from Gordon Brown yet! There was a parliamentary vote to go to war with Iraq. In 2003 a motion supporting the use of UK forces in Iraq was passed in parliament by a massive majority of 412 to 149. Gordon's new party are trying to tell us that all of Britain's problems are down to Tony Blair. Well they were in cabinet, they were advising, they were voting and if you asked them at the time they fully supported Tony's foreign policy.

Miliband voted for the Iraq war but is now trying to deflect the blame by saying that he initially had reservations about it. If you look at Miliband's voting record on the They work for you website, you will see what a pack of lies this man is trying to push on the voters. He voted very strongly for the Iraq war and he voted strongly against investigating the Iraq war. Oh, and just so you know who you are dealing with, David Miliband has never voted on a transparent Parliament.

Tony Blair's legacy? - Gordon Brown's scapegoat.


Letters From A Tory said...

Miliband's speech was pointless. He just pretended to sound like he cared but never dared elaborate on what Labour has got wrong, knowing that the list was enormous.

Daily Referendum said...


Thanks for the link, great letter.