Thursday, 20 September 2007

Dorset Village takes on Gordon Brown for a Referendum on the EU Treaty.

Pro Referendum Rally The village of East Stoke in Dorset is leading the way in the public's fight to get the referendum on the EU Treaty that Gordon Brown's party promised in their election manifesto. "The mouse that roared" village is holding a vote Today on whether there should be a referendum on the EU treaty by exploiting a little-known loophole in the law.

Organiser Darren Patterson, said: "We hope that from small acorns, huge oaks will grow. I have been inundated with people from surrounding villages wanting to know how we have done it. The village may be tiny but the support is massive."

It looks like the people are starting to let Gordon and his cronies know that they will not be walked over. Local resident Peter Roe, 81, said: "This country has pretty much stood on its own for thousands of years. Why should we jeopardise that? I am dead against this Europe thing. Tyranny has affected Europe all through the centuries. Who has stopped them? We have, this island in the silver sea. East Stoke is a very quiet, unimportant place but now it is the mouse that roared."

The village pub's Hungarian-born landlord said: "I was brought up under communism and I know what too much centralisation can lead to. I am so proud to be at the forefront of this campaign. This Government took us to war against the people's will — it will not do the same for Europe."

The full story can be read on the Telegraph website by clicking HERE.

For information about the Pro-referendum Rally taking place in London in October, click on the graphic above.


The Morningstar said...

This is brilliant, of course there probably aren't enough parish councils any more but the more that do this sort of thing the more they will shift public opinion.

Daily Referendum said...

It's a start. Gordon doesn't think people care enough to make a fuss. He is going to find out that he is wrong.