Thursday, 20 September 2007

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has left Stamford Bridge

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has left the club after the disappointing Champions League draw against Rosenborg. Jose's departure is said to be by mutual consent. Apparently he passed on the news to the clubs senior players via a text message. During his three year reign, the club did not lose a single home league game at Stamford Bridge.

While managing Chelsea, Mourinho as won two Carling Cups, two League Titles and an FA Cup. He was also voted as Premiership manager of the year in 2005 and 2006. The club has however failed to achieve its potential in Europe.

No doubt there will be a massive scramble to sign him from the other major teams. I hope he stays in the UK because we need more characters like the "special one" in the game.

UPDATE: Jose Mourinho wants to manage again in England - but his next coaching job will be in another European country. I'm sure he will be welcomed back anytime.


Beaman said...

Do you think there is a chance Wolves could sign him up? ;) They make the best Latte.

Daily Referendum said...

I think they could serve it up in a gold cup and he still wouldn't join the mighty Wolves. Sorry.

Response Plod said...

He most certainly was an interesting character! I hope he stays in English football.

Daily Referendum said...

If this had happened before the last two England games, there would have been rumours about him taking over. I don't know where he could go now.