Monday, 24 September 2007

Gordon Brown's address to labour party conference.

If you can stand it, you can watch Gordon's address by clicking HERE

Rolling comments:

. Was Max reading from the Big red book of Labour sleaze?

. Little babies and little children. Isn't that sweet?

. Didn't Hitler promise German jobs to German workers?

. Throw foreign criminals out? not if the EU have anything to say about it.

. He's got some neck to mention manifesto commitments. EU?

. Red lines my ar*e. Thank God, I thought he may have done a U-turn on this. We've got him now.

. This is an election speech. It's a good job he didn't have to travel to an English hospital to get his eye looked at. He would have further to travel because the local A&E has been shut down. And to add insult to injury he would have to pay for the parking.

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