Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Iain Dale Interviews Mayoral Hopeful Boris Johnson.

Tonight at 9pm in an interview on internet TV station 18 Doughty Street, Iain Dale talks to the Conservative mayoral aspirant Boris Johnson. In fact if you can't wait until then, you can view it now by clicking HERE. The show lasts half an hour and having read the transcript I can tell you it is not to be missed. It's Pure Boris, here's a taster:

ID: What's the first thing that you will do as Mayor of London?

BJ: I will rejoice. Obviously in an inclusive way. But I will rejoice that a period of common sense for the government of London will be ushered in. There are several things that I will do in act one, scene one, day one... I want to have a complete review of the vast bureaucracy and some of the organisations that are running, Transport for London, the Met Police, and see how that is all running. But I think the first thing that I will do is commission a study, a competition for the replacement of the Bendy Bus with a beautiful new Routemaster bus for the 21st century. With disabled access and with somewhere that people with buggies can get on and off.

ID: Why did you make of the Compass dossier?

BJ: I think they are trying to wind me up. I think someone is trying to wind me up out there. I take it in good part. I think it's highly flattering that he is obviously so rattled that it is necessary to do this. I don't think it is going to work but I wish him luck with his current strategy.

ID: A question from 'Desperate Dan'. I've received two ballot papers for the candidate selection. Does Boris Johnson think I should vote twice?

BJ: Desperate Dan - I could not possibly advise you to do that, though I am proud to be a member of your Pie Eater's Club and always have been.

Extracts are from “an interview on Internet TV station 18 Doughty Street” with the kind permission of Iain Dale.

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