Saturday, 29 September 2007

Iain Dale's Guide to Political Blogging, Top 500 Political Blogs.


Iain has posted the Top 500 political blogs from his book. I'm very pleased to say that I came in at No 59, which I think is not too bad for my first ten months of blogging. I did a bit better in the Top 100 right of centre blogs where I ended up in 21st place. What I am particularly chuffed about is my inclusion into the "Who's who of political blogging" section of Iain's book. This section gives a short biography of the top fifty (ish) political bloggers.

A very big thanks to everyone that took the time to vote for me. I'll try and do better next year, and now that I'm getting a regular bunch of readers things are definitely looking up. I'll try to keep the blog updated regularly with current political issues (which is not always easy as I work 12 hour shifts).

Here are the top 100 political blogs:

1 Iain Dale's Diary2 Guido Fawkes3 Dizzy Thinks4 ConservativeHome5 Political Betting6 Devil's Kitchen7 Croydonian8 Nick Robinson9 Spectator Coffee House10 Ellee Seymour11 Recess Monkey12 Burning our Money13 Archbishop Cranmer14 Benedict Brogan15 Tim Worstall16 Mr Eugenides17 Norfolk Blogger18 Paul Linford19 Prague Tory20 EU Referendum21 Harry's Place22 Tom Watson MP23 NHS Blog Doctor24 Caroline Hunt25 Bob Piper26 Fair Deal Phil27 Times Comment Central28 Tory Radio29 Chicken Yoghurt30 Ministry of Truth31 Kerron Cross32 Slugger O'Toole33 Nadine Dorries MP34 Pickled Politics35 Donal Blaney36 Boris Johnson37 Theo Spark38 Labour Home39 British Bullshit Foundation40 Biased BBC41 An Englishman's Castle42 John Redwood MP43 Hunter & Shooter44 Craig Murray45 Samizdata46 Dave's Part47 Waendel Journal48 Newmania49 Rachel From North London50 The Last Ditch51 Our Kingdom52 Bloggers 4 Labour53 Liberal England54 LibDem Voice55 Stephen Tall56 Adam Smith Institute57 Bloggerheads58 Hoby59 Daily Referendum60 Bel is Thinking61 Quaequam62 The Bristow Blog63 Millennium Dome Elephant64 Suz Blog65 Antonia Bance66 WebCameron67 Spyblog68 City Unslicker69 James Cleverley70 Stumbling & Mumbling71 Beau Bo D'Or72 Luke Akehurst73 Newer Labour74 As a Dodo75 Edland76 Chris Paul Labour of Love77 Tartan Hero78 Glyn Davies79 UK Daily Pundit80 Westminster Wisdom81 Melanie Phillips82 Blair Watch83 Liberal Burblings84 18 Doughty Street85 Daniel Hannan MEP 86 Matt Wardman87 Mars Hill88 Little Man in a Toque89 Policeman's Blog90 Peter Black AM91 Mark Mardell92 Rolled Up Trousers93 Shiraz Socialist94 Bishop Hill95 Tim Roll-Pickering96 Paul Flynn MP97 Oliver Kamm98 Campaign for an English Parliament99 Ordovicius100 Snowflake5

You can see the top 300 by clicking HERE.

Thanks once again.

Best Regards


(You can buy this excellent book by clicking on the graphic above).


Norfolk Blogger said...

Well done.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Nich and well done to you too for coming 17th.

Crushed by Ingsoc said...

Congrats, Steve.

Hey, I'm just amazed I'm even on the list at all.

Shades said...

I was surprised to find myself listed, but not in the top 500. So it is somewhere between 501 and 1200...

...and he has got me down as a Tory boy, the cheeky monkey.

Grendel said...

Well done Steve,

Richly deserved reward for all the good work.


Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Gents,

Blogpower really had a good showing this year. Next year it would be great if any of us could do as well as Ellee. If this was a team event we would have walked it.