Monday, 3 September 2007

Is Gordon Brown paving the way for a U-turn on the EU Treaty Referendum?

Pro Referendum Rally
Gordon Brown has spent weeks telling us that a referendum on the EU Treaty is not required because he had received guarantees on his "Red Lines". However when he was asked if there was still an "if" over holding a referendum he said: "Yes, of course." He went on to say: "If we succeed in achieving our red lines in all the detailed negotiations, there will, in my view and in the government's view, be no need for a referendum."

Hold on a minute, I was sure he told us that the red lines were set in stone, and that he had signed up to a "UK version" of the treaty. Is Brown using the Red Lines as his get out clause now that there is a growing demand for a referendum, even from within his own party? Telling the people that the Red Lines are not being honoured would be the only way he could hold a referendum and save a little face.

Red lines or not, we still are entitled to the referendum the government promised us. As the pressure mounts, just watch Brown start to question his "set in stone" Red Lines.

Watch this space.

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