Monday, 3 September 2007

Guest post by David Barfield - Hurrah for the age of the blogger!

David Barfield

The left-leaning political pundits are using the device of avoiding the issues raised by the Conservatives, by spending their time making arbitrary calculations on what degree of swing to the right they represent. A Peter Snow swingometer would be ideal for their fatuous games.

Hurrah for the age of the blogger! One comment in exasperated reply to an article by Peter Riddell in Monday’s Times says it all about this nonsense:

For God's sake Peter get out from behind your desk and talk to REAL people and not just rely on these increasingly irritating opinion polls which seem ever more remote from the concerns of ordinary people. What the hell IS the 'middle ground'? And what is a 'modernising agenda'? Sympathising with criminals who shoot 11 year olds? Letting more criminals out of prison? Unlimited immigration? All very counter-intuitive but so is jumping out of a plane without a parachute. Policies should be calibrated on whether they WORK and not be cheapened by labelling them a lurch to the right/left, appealing to core vote etc etc. The right policies are the right policies end of story. Kindly report them that way.

Ben, London,

More power to your pen, Ben!

Submitted by David Barfield

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