Saturday, 29 September 2007

Lady Thatcher gives Gordon Brown an Hand-bagging over the EU Referendum.

Good old LADY Thatcher has Hand-bagged Gordon Brown by backing The Sun’s campaign for an EU Treaty referendum.

She warned Brown not to trust EU leaders and that any guarantees form them are not worth the paper they are written on.
Lady Thatcher told the Sun:

“Yet again Sun readers are standing up for Britain and calling our Government to account. May I say to the Prime Minister, don’t believe the assurances from Brussels — they gave similar ones to me. It’s not too late to listen and it’s not too late to act. This Treaty matters, Prime Minister, so be bold and let the British people have the final say.”

Lady Thatcher is urging Brown not to fall for claims the Treaty is different to the rejected Constitution saying: the Treaty is the Constitution “in all but name” and the nation deserves its say.

Don't forget those of you that value Democracy: David Cameron has already given a signed pledge of a national vote if he wins the General election.

You can read the full story in The Sun by clicking HERE


Anonymous said...

A signed pledge was given by The Greet Broon in the Labour manifesto before the last general election for a referendum on the EU constitution. A pledge from Cameron is of similar worth, diddley squat. These are two Scotsmen of equal honesty and reliability, both members of the ruling elite political class. Both are powerless in the face of the EU to which both have seceded all true power. Both wish to hide the truth from the ever gullible British electorate.

Daily Referendum said...


Get a grip, he'd be hung out to dry. Brown is not allowing a vote because he says it's not the same constitution. Cameron is saying it is the same constitution so he cannot back out.

If you want a referendum vote Tory.