Friday, 7 September 2007

The smoking ban is shit - Bad language.

Police and council officials in Wales say licencees could lose their licence if they cannot stop smokers using bad language outside their pubs.

A report by the Safer Neath Port Talbot Business Crime Reduction Partnership says the bad language is anti-social behaviour and is the responsibility of licensees.

Neath Port Talbot Council environmental health manager, Huw Jones said: "Failure to adequately control the impact and conduct of the public house can lead to a review of their licence, or even revocation. Primarily, if there is public disorder, then the police have powers to act. Additionally, the landlord will have responsibilities under the Licensing Act to maintain control of his premises and this duty extends to the impact his business has on the immediate vicinity."

The authority's head of licensing, Jim Sullivan, said some complaints had already been dealt with informally.

"We have spoken to one or two premises and they have taken steps to resolve the matter one way or another," he told the paper.

Smokers will soon be stood in the middle of fields, attended by government employees armed with cattle prods.


IanP said...

We trust that the same rules will apply to drunken MP's who are given to mouth off having just left the bars in the Houses of Parliament.

Close the Parliament Bars I say...

Daily Referendum said...


Do you mean the bars that take hundreds of thousands of pounds each year? What do you think?

kate said...

Port talbot people are very friendly, although they do swear lots.

Daily Referendum said...


It wasn't a problem until they made smokers stand outside. No doubt they will try and ban swearing indoors next.

kate said...

Smoking ban is completely ridiculous, i dont smoke(ex smoker) but putting people on the streets is a bad idea, as for banning swearing, thats just one of many things that will be on some hitlist. Things are out of control