Friday, 7 September 2007

I want a Bloody Referendum on the EU Treaty!

Pro Referendum Rally
The first time I posted this was back in may this year. With the cross party I WANT A REFERENDUM campaign having been set up, I thought it would be a good time to re-post.

Seven days ago I published the post: We won't be allowed a Referendum on EU changes. Today in the Telegraph, Conservative South East England MEP, Dan Hannan confirms my fears by disclosing the contents of the leaked letter penned by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Merkel wants to push through a Treaty which will in essence be a Constitution. To achieve this Merkel tells her fellow EU heads of government that they will have to: "use different terminology without changing the legal substance". There can be no doubt that the proposed Treaty is the same Constitution we were not given a Referendum on. Merkel makes this crystal clear when she wishes to preserve intact the content of the constitution, making only "the necessary presentational changes."

Tony Blair said: “There was no tradition of holding votes on treaties. If it's not a constitutional treaty, so that it alters the basic relationship between Europe and the member states, then there isn't the same case for a referendum."

The Merkel letter proves that this is not a Treaty, it is a Constitution and I want the bloody Referendum that we were promised in two Labour manifestos. We are being dragged further into Europe without any say in the matter. Does the Government believe we are not capable of making such decisions? This is sneaky, underhanded, and smacks of dictatorship.

I value my freedom and I value democracy. I do not want to hand over any of this nation's powers to the EU or anybody else without a say in the matter.

I have never taken part in a demonstration but if the Government try to push this Treaty through without a Referendum, I will be shouting for my rights until I can shout no more.

Tony Sharp of The Waendel Journal has also posted on this subject

To sign an E-Petition asking for a Referendum on the Treaty click HERE

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