Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Alan Johnson - Brown got it wrong on the Election.

Alan Johnson has been on the BBC this evening being openly critical of Gordon Brown. Not blaming the media for the election fever he said "I'm not saying we are blameless ...If he [Mr Brown] had thought it through and decided a weekend earlier, we wouldn't be having all of this."

This is another blow for Brown. Will he slap Johnson down or will he bottle it? Gordon's premiership could depend on how he deals with this.

I'll update this post as the story unfolds.


Thomas Gordon said...

Bang on the money there Steve.

I'm I correct that AJ seat is in Southampton?

Hants looks to be very unsafe for anything red or yellow at the moment.

My didn't 'King Broon look unwell as well.

Daily Referendum said...

Thanks Thomas,

I agree about Hampshire. I'm sure that Labour are losing their grip.

And yes brown did look unwell, I was particularly happy when he was standing red faced at the despatch box shouting at the opposition.

Not very statesmanlike.

Thomas Gordon said...

I'm in Bakers fiefdom in Sussex so I'm also hoping the old Orange Book/Beveridge Group rivalry in the Fib Dem's will start to kick off as well-two dead in the water leaders and the smart money is on DC.

I think we are going into a similar situation to 1978/1979-because the public sector workers are starting to whine-prahaps the unions sence blood in the water?

Daily Referendum said...

Yes and I understand that the Prison officers are up in arms again. Jack Straw has told them he is actively considering going back to court to make it permanently illegal for them to go on strike.

I was very surprised how quiet the unions were at the Labour conference.