Friday, 5 October 2007

Breaking News - BBC 1 Controller Peter Fincham has resigned

The controller of BBC One, Peter Fincham has resigned. The resignation follows the publication of a report into footage that distorted the actions of the Queen in a trailer for the documentary, A Year With The Queen.

BBC director general Mark Thompson said: "The fact is that serious mistakes were made which put misleading information about the Queen into the public domain.

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Alfie said...

'Mistakes' ain't the word to use - again, the BBC attempt to do a smoke and mirrors job. A mistake can be classed as an error of judgement or as a result of carelessness - what the BBC did was an exercise in the cynical rewriting of an event according to whoever did the editing.

The events within the trailer didn't get in the order they were shown by accident or by mistake - it was a construct in deception.

It is like saying that Trotsky was mistakenly airbrushed out of photographs because a retoucher accidentally whited him out....

Daily Referendum said...


Yes they were deceitful and they got their fingers burned. It's good to see Peter Fincham took responsibility, but how big was his pay-off?