Friday, 5 October 2007

David Cameron repeats his call for an election.

David Cameron is still calling for Gordon Brown to announce a snap election. All those in the media who claimed that Cameron was bluffing have been proved wrong. With last night's polls looking very favourable (particularly the Guardian) I can't see Brown going for it now. He did his best to disrupt the Tory conference by not ruling out an election and announcing false claims of troop withdrawals. He failed.

Brown will now look a fool if he backs out, even with the BBC helping him to spin his way out of it. How does he get away with being so useless? The postal workers are on strike, prison officers have been on strike, the tube maintenance staff have been on strike and the police are so hacked off they are going to hold demonstrations (and that's only because they can't strike). On top of that the unions are still considering strike action over public sector pay (even though they were noticeably quiet at the Labour conference).

I think he should hold an election to find out if he has the confidence of the voters.

He does not have mine. You don't use our troops for politics no matter how desperate you are.

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