Thursday, 11 October 2007

Conservatives are in front according to Ipsos Mori Poll.

An Ipsos/Mori Poll carried out on behalf of The Sun puts the Conservatives ahead of Labour for the first time since June.



William Gruff said...

I doubt that Brown has the balls to push the EU Constitreaty through without a referendum now, he can always spin the U turn, and the Labour rebels will be biding their time, scenting blood. I'm confident that we will have our vote.

It gladdens my heart as an Englishman to know that a Scotchman who has knowingly and willingly condemned some of my countrymen and women to death for the benefit of his own kind has destroyed both his career and the Br*tain he purports to love so much. History will not treat The Plodding Scotchman kindly.

Harriet Harman must be yearning to return to the opposition backbenches. She's never been anything more than a joke.

Daily Referendum said...

You don't like him very much do you Mr Gruff?

I give Gordon Brown three months - tops.

William Gruff said...

The bastard has demonstrated a near visceral hatred of the English. He is the only politician I have ever hoped to see assassinated.