Monday, 1 October 2007

Don't you just love Vladimir Putin

Putin has announced that he will head the party's list for December's parliamentary elections, guaranteeing him a place in the lower house of parliament. His presidency ends next year and he cannot run for a third consecutive term. To get around this he is going to run the country as Prime minister instead of President. It all sounds above board to me (sarcasm).

Putin said: "As far as heading the government is concerned - this is a quite realistic suggestion but it is still too early to think about it. Two conditions must be met first - United Russia must win the election and a decent, capable and modern person with whom I work as a team should be elected as president."

I'll translate that for you: I will make sure that one of my lackeys is voted in as President. This poor unfortunate will have to take early retirement in which case I will - for the sake of the people take up the post of President once again.

Bless Him

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