Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Conservative Conference - Scrap ID Cards to Stop Early Release.

Are you ready for another great Conservative policy? Today, Shadow home secretary David Davis will tell the party's conference that by scrapping ID cards, we will be able to provide an extra 1,200 prison places.

This policy is of course in sharp contrast of Labours early release scheme. David will say the scheme puts lives at risk, leaves crimes unpunished and interrupts rehabilitation. And I don't think anyone, no matter what their political affiliation can argue with that.

About 6,000 prisoners have been released so far, and the Ministry of Justice say that approximately 30,000 prisoners will be released in the first year of the scheme. If that is not bad enough, many of those released have been convicted for violent crimes. There are 48 prisoners at large who were released, but should have been sent back to prison for breaching their conditions or re-offending. Just bloody great that is! This government is supposed to protect my family, NOT put it at greater risk through their damn incompetence.

Talking to Radio 4 about early release, David Cameron said "We think that's wrong and we're making a tough choice - we're saying scrap the ID cards scheme, we don't think it will work. We think it'll cost huge amounts of money and we could use some of the savings from that to build extra prison places within existing prisons."

Common sense politics - you can't beat it.


William Gruff said...

Unless the ID card database is scrapped along with the cards there is no real advantage in scrapping them.

Daily Referendum said...

I think that the data base will be scrapped, if there are no cards why have a data base?

LFB_UK *The Legend* said...

What is the Tory view on fingerprinting kids in schools? The DNA database, the phone records available to councils etc.. Can they rely be trusted to get rid of all the "Big Brother" legislation put in place by the Liebour Party?

Daily Referendum said...


I hope so.