Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Experts say individuals are not responsible for being fat (Obesity).

Well I say what a load of cobblers. You are what you eat and no one forces food into your mouth. This is not a nation of fools. We are all more than aware what food types are likely to make us fat if we eat too much of them. The only people who are not personally responsible for being fat are young children, in which case the blame is 100% on their parents.

I totally agree that this is a major problem. It is estimated that obesity will cost the country £46bn by 2047 if the country continues to get fat at the same rate we are seeing now.

We need to put an end to all the myths about being fat. It is not so much to do with glands or genes, but it is to do with how much food you cram into your cake hole and how long you spend sat on your arse.

Does this new Politically correct world have anything to do with this problem? I was a teenager in the 80's with plenty of access to junk food, but my school was not awash with fat kids. There could be one good reason for that and it's not very PC: fat kids got the piss taken out of them.

Any Liberals can leave their wishy washy complaints in the comments.

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William Gruff said...

I agree with you Steve; I've said the same thing for years. I do think, however, that unnecessarily processed foods should be much more tightly controlled, and while parents are responsible for what goes into their children's mouths, 'busy mums' (ie those 'busy' chatting to other 'busy' mums or 'busy' feeding their own faces as they sit in front of the telly, 'busy' watching mind-numbing pap between fag breaks) have usually sought the easiest option when faced with the task of filling young stomachs. Cheap, mass-produced, fried or microwaved food is all that many youngsters eat. The easiest way to change that is to cut off the supply at source.

I've suspected for a while that the 'debate' about obesity is more to do with the lust for control that grips our masters, and those who serve them, but the idea that individuals are not entirely responsible could be useful in justifying tighter regulation of the food chain, in the interests of raising what is generally accepted to be the abysmally low standard of the food we eat.

One aspect of obesity that doesn't seem to have been examined, other than in the context of 'fat is a feminist issue', is that of gender. Perhaps it's just my own innate misogyny but grotesquely fat females seem to be far more numerous than males.

Obesity causes numerous health problems and it is interesting to ponder just how much the health problems suffered, as a result of over-indulgence and gluttony, by females cost 'the country' (which country?) in comparison to those suffered by males.

Daily Referendum said...

Mr Gruff,

I agree with you about the processed foods, but for these experts to say that parents are not responsible for feeding them to their kids is just crazy.