Tuesday, 16 October 2007

David Miliband spins the EU Treaty Referendum.

I can't believe that David Miliband has got the cheek to say on Radio 4's Today programme that: "everyone accepted" that the EU Treaty and the old Constitution were completely different. It's very true David they are different, but beyond someone rubbing out Constitution and replacing it with Treaty the change is insignificant.

David Heathcoat Amory of the European Scrutiny Committee said that with respect to criminal justice: "What we found when we looked at the treaty was that the European Court of Justice will ultimately get jurisdiction over this policy and despite the Red Lines the decisions won't be made by a body in this country, but by judges in Luxembourg."

David Miliband and the rest of the cabinet believe that they can say anything to the public and it will be swallowed. They really do have exceedingly low opinion of the people they are working for.

I hope they find out soon that they are the stupid ones for thinking that we are.

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Anonymous said...

This man is amazing, either the bigest liar in the NuLab party, or the bigest fool, and either is an achievement with so much competition. He personafies the NuLab attitude to the electorate, one of utter contempt.

Daily Referendum said...

Glad you agree anon. They know no shame.