Monday, 29 October 2007

Extermination - And the idiot of the year award goes to Julie Etchingham

Julie Etchingham has dropped herself right in it. Forever she will here the words exterminate! exterminate! done in dodgy Dalek voices as she passes by. It all sounds a bit funny now, but I must admit when I first read what miss Etchingham had said, I was quite annoyed.

Sky News have apologised after she was heard to say "extermination" at a crucial point in David Cameron's speech on immigration. David said: "Let me outline the action that a Conservative government would take. As we have seen, some of the increase in population size results from natural change - birth rates, death rates. Here our policy should be obvious... " at which point Sky's airhead presenter quipped "Extermination."

Miss Etchingham in a moment reminiscent of Big Ron uttered the word thinking she was off air. She wasn't. Sky have said the comment was "regrettable". I think regrettable falls way short of the apology that is required. As a Conservative party member I find her remark deeply offensive and she should make a public apology or remove herself from her supposedly impartial job.


Dave H said...

I think that no apology is really required, it was an off the cuff quip similar to what any savvy man or woman might have come up with had they been watching it in the pub. Yes she got caught, but so what, she obviously didn't mean it seriously. Make too much of this and it may backfire and the Conservatives appear to be humourless. Stop being so caught up in what you think the public might think, you just fall into Labours trap about the "nasty party" and just get on with the job of preparing a case to the people to become the next government. Cameron could add some sort of exterminate joke into pushing for a review into the immigration farce that Labour have saddled Britain with.

Daily Referendum said...


I haven't called for her to be sacked but I am upset enough to expect an apology from her and not Sky. She is supposed to be impartial, the Sky studio is no place to make such comments whether she thought she was on air or not. I'm all for freedom of speech and a joke is a joke but this is a joke that the BNP would find offensive. There are a lot of things she could have quipped at that stage of Cameron's speech but "extermination" was of very bad taste to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Etchingham just demonstrates the deep-seated and indelible pro-left bias which infests all the British broadcasters.
She makes this kind of remark because she knows a like-minded colleague will respond with a nod and a knowing smirk.
She is just another product of the BBC indoctrination process - as she has - comes out with these built-in conformist views...and yes it infests Sky News too.

Anonymous said...

"it was an off the cuff quip...she obviously didn't mean it seriously." - THANK YOU!! It was a satirical, ironic remark. Most people made the connection between her comment and the fact that the majority of people suspect that the CONSERVATIVE party has a less than tolerant approach to immigration. Just one of the reasons I prefer the more liberal parties- less discrimination and the like.
"Airhead" is a
fairly chauvinistic title, by the way. Very distasteful.
"Forever she will here the words exterminate!"
Your incorrect use of the word 'here' and lack of speech marks really needs sorting out too...

Daily Referendum said...

Cry me a fucking river Julie.

Anonymous said...

julie is one cool lady, anyone slagging her off is doing so because they fancy her rotten