Saturday, 6 October 2007

Gordon Brown is to Bottle out of an Autumn Election

Gordon *I bottled it* Brown
According to Nick Robinson the BBC's political editor, Gordon Brown is to announce very shortly that he WILL NOT be calling an Autumn Election.

He's bottled it!

Damn it I was really looking forward to an election. Now we have to put up with his lies and spin for at least another year.

Gordon "I bottled it" Brown will no doubt have some manufactured spin he can push out to the public, but we all know that he is not calling an election because he wants to hang on to power. Now we will have to wait for the fantastic policies that the conservative party announced during our conference, and Britain will be poorer for it.

It is now even more important that we push for the referendum on the EU Treaty that Brown is denying us. This man is turning into a Dictator and will only be happy with a one party state. And he will be in charge of that party, if he has anything to do with it.

UPDATE @ 16:43 It looks like Brown backed out over polls carried out in the marginals.

The poll gives the Conservatives a 6% lead over Labour in the marginals (44% versus 38%) – a substantially higher figure than recent national polls, which showed the Tories level or close behind.

That result would give Labour approximately 306 seats, with the Conservatives behind on 246. It is not possible to predict how the other parties would stand.

The poll confirms that turn-out would be a problem for Labour. When asked, 59% of Labour voters said they were certain to vote, compared to 71% of Conservatives.

This comment was left by Andrew Allison:. "Apparantly Andrew Marr is in Number 10 at the moment. No doubt he will be giving Brown an easy ride." Well I hope not Andrew, he should be taken to the Effing cleaners.

Sir Menzies Campbell said Bottler Brown's decision showed "a loss of nerve. He should have stated his intentions, clearly and unequivocally. The inevitable conclusion is that he's been acting in the interests of the Labour Party and not in the interests of the country."


William Gruff said...

This is excellent news for England. The McReich's F├╝hrer still has no mandate and, with his stock falling and the economy looking anything but healthy, won't have a hope in hell's chance of ever getting re-elected.

He won't be the last Prime Minister of Br*tain but he will be the one who ensured the end of the union.

Andrew Allison said...

He certainly has bottled it. Apparantly Andrew Marr is in Number 10 at the moment. No doubt he will be giving Brown an easy ride.

David said...

So wait a minute... Brown, having played a huge hand in ramping up election talk for weeks, now won't face the press about it? Instead, he's going to face a soft and cuddly interview from the Brown Broadcasting Corp., who can then edit out any mistakes he makes. All that talk about him being socially deficient and psychologically flawed is starting to ring true...

Daily Referendum said...

Yes Gents, but I think the nation now as the measure of the man.

David said...

Steve - I think your picture of a bottle needs a little Gordon head instead of a cork. Or maybe a Chateau de Gordon - 2009...

Daily Referendum said...


I'll try but I'm no great photo editor.