Saturday, 13 October 2007

Gordon Brown's Andy Burnham continues the theft of Conservative tax policy

"I say to the children of two-parent families, one-parent families, foster parent families; to the widow bringing up children: I stand for a Britain that supports as first class citizens not just some children and some families but supports all children and all families. We all remember that biblical saying: 'suffer the little children to come unto me'. No Bible I have ever read says: 'bring just some of the children'."

Do you remember who said that a very short while ago at the Labour party conference? If you do remember then you will know that it was a direct attack by Gordon Brown on the Conservative tax policy for married couples.

Well it seems Labour have changed their minds on this and are now going to borrow (or you could say blatantly steal) yet another Conservative policy. Andy Burnham, the chief secretary to the treasury told the Daily Telegraph: "It's not wrong that the tax system should recognise commitment and marriage. I don't seek to preach to anybody. But in an abstract way I think it's better when children are in a home where their parents are married and I think children do notice if their parents are married or not. I don't think the Tories should have a monopoly on this kind of thinking. This is totally where Gordon is coming from, your roots and your family are everything."

You may notice that Andy Burnham's statement does not quite concur with Gordon's. In fact you could say it was a closer match to George Osborne's: The dividing line between a Labour Prime Minister who penalises couples and presides over social breakdown, and a Conservative Government that supports marriage and encourages families to come together.

George Osborne, who is obviously getting at little peeved with this raid on his ideas said: "For two years, David Cameron has been making the case for recognising marriage in the tax system and Gordon Brown has been attacking him for it. Now one of his minions appears to say we are right. This is further confirmation that we are in command of the agenda in British politics and the government doesn't know whether it is coming or going."

Gordon Brown KNOWS NO SHAME.

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