Thursday, 18 October 2007

Gordon "untrustworthy" Brown at the EU Treaty summit.

The man who cannot be trusted, Gordon Brown is to represent this country at an EU summit for the first time today. He says that he is going to protect his Red Lines, but as the European Scrutiny Committee pointed out, it will be impossible.

According to committee chairman Michael Connarty a new clause added to the Treaty on the 3rd of October "seriously damaged" assurances on criminal justice and home affairs.

How much would you like to bet that Brown returns from the summit to tell us that the Red Lines are secure. The problem is, after the last few weeks, can we trust him? I know that I certainly do not and never will again. Brown puts his own skin and the Labour party before the wishes of the people.

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Anonymous said...

Blackberry eh? You haven't followed him down to Lisboa have you?


Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown has done a superb job for the Conservative Party. Thanx Gordon

Daily Referendum said...


No such luck. I'm keeping up with my blog at work. Comes in very handy.

Daily Referendum said...


Maybe we should have a Gordon Brown celebration day.

Anonymous said...

The EU's Smash and Conquer Britain Project. Please look at these links.

The curse of Political Correctness

5 Min read


Cassilis said...

I've steered clear of this topic till today but added my tuppence worth now...

Daily Referendum said...


great post.