Wednesday, 17 October 2007

LibDem Bloggers are split between Chris Huhne and Jose Mourinho for leader.

I thought I would see which candidate for LibDem leader commands the greatest support from the top 20 Libdem Bloggers. The results are a little surprising. It turns out that as a group the LibDem bloggers are a secretive bunch. Only five of the 20 announced who they were supporting.

Anyway here are the results:

Liberal England Jose Mourinho. A Liberal Goes A Long Way None yet. Quaequam Chris Huhne. LibDem Voice None yet. Peter Black None yet. Liberal Burblings None yet. Millennium Dome Elephant None yet. Cicero's Songs None yet. Andy Mayer None yet. Love & Liberty None yet. Lynne Featherstone Chris Huhne. Norfolk Blogger None yet. No Geek Is An Island None yet. Liberal Bureaucracy None yet. Hug a Hoodie None yet. Niles's Blog None yet. A Posh Sounding Northumbrian None yet. Hot, Ginger & Dynamite None yet. Jock Coats Chris Huhne. What You Can Get Away With Chris Huhne.

The support so far:

Chris Huhne 4

Jose Mourinho 1

None Yet 15

I think if Jose were to start a blog and get himself on Facebook, he would stand a more than decent chance of becoming the next LibDem Leader.


Josh said...

Hi Steve,
I am one of the founders over at Intense Debate. Because of your membership at Political Grind I wanted to offer you an invite into the closed beta for our comment system. Your readers deserve better than this dreadful blogger comment system, plus we can help drive you traffic. email me at josh at intensedebate dot com if interested. Feel free to ask any questions.

Paul Walter said...


Well done and thank you for having the patience to go through all twenty blogs to look for signs of life. Rather than being "secretive" you mind find that the high number of "none yets" is due to us wanting to see the full list of candidates (looking likely to be short, I know) and wanting to research and hear from the two candidates over a reasonably lengthy period. That is certainly my situation.

Best wishes, Paul

Daily Referendum said...

Hi Josh,

I'll have a look. But I'm a bit busy at the moment.

Daily Referendum said...

Hello Paul,

You're welcome. I know calling it secrecy is a bit of an exaggeration, but I did expect more than four to have declared their support. As you said, more will decide when the final runners are named.



James Graham said...

As a matter of fact, I haven't declared for Chris. I've mentioned that I backed him last time and admitted that ideologically I find him more appealling, but recognise that Clegg brings other strong attributes to the table as well.

Will said...

Hi Steve,

I've not declared support for a candidate because I'm party staff and so will be remaining neutral in the contest.